Virtual Presence Training

for Red Hat Partners

What is it?

Working in a virtual world presents challenges, especially as we are currently required to do it all day, every day. Looking the part online is essential.

MHC Business Language Training is a specialist in online education and provides this customised webinar specifically for the Red Hat European Sales Partner network to help everyone succeed in an online environment. This webinar will offer techniques and strategies to help you better communicate with your clients, potential customers and internal employees. Understand the effect your tech set up, body language, voice and visual aids can all have on your communication.

Knowledge is vital, and we want all our associates to stand out positively. Develop your virtual online presence by attending this 1-hour webinar sponsored by Red Hat.

Target audience: Marketing, Sales and Pre-Sales
Start of the program: April 23, 2020
Sessions: In total 20 sessions
Languages: english, french, spanish, german